Tarjeta de Control Lumen C-Power2200 LED Program Control Card (Serial Port)

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Lumen C-Power2200 LED program control card (Serial Port)

C-Power2200is a member of C-Power new platform family.

It’s the compact product of the C-Power3200 .
C-Power2200 and other C-Power family prodcuts sharing the same CPU platform,
and has the same computing power as C-Power5200/4200/3200,
All of C-Power family products have the same perfect second development interface and control protocol.
Compared with C-Power3200, C-Power2200 cut the size of memory,
slightly reduce the display size; but the functions,effects and program types are exactly the same.

For single or double color LED screen
Resolution : 1024*16 or 512*32 or 256*64
Power: DC 5V
Data input: serial port
memory: 2M
Brightness: 16 rank